Market news

04 December 2017
On the suspension of the validity of the license of B & B Insurance LLC
02 November 2017
CJSIC “Garantia” was renamed into CJSIC “Imkliva Insurance”
17 october 2017
Fitch affirmed the ratings of "Belgosstrakh" and BNPO at "B-" with positive outlook.
5 October 2017
Insurance premiums in Belarus increased by 8% in January-August
23 September 2017
Asnova Insurance CJSC Licence Terminated
09 august 2017
Fitch Changes Outlook to Positive for Three Belarusian Insurers
07 August 2017
Insurance premiums increased in Belarus by 7.1% in the first half of the year
5 July 2017
The amount of the insurance payments increased by 7% in January-May
8 June 2017
The National Bank stopped issuing permits to insurance companies for foreign currency settlements under insurance contracts for individuals that provide for life insurance, including supplementary pension insurance.
14 April 2017
General business conditions of insurance companies with different forms of ownership will be aligned.
7 April 2017
Director General of Belarus Re Unton A.T. took part in the 11th meeting of the Interstate Coordination Council of the Heads of Insurance Supervision Agencies in CIS member-states
29 March 2017
Foreign investors are waiting. The Ministry of Finance promises to liberalize the insurance market
22 March 2017
Allowance for unemployed is proposed to be increased before the introduction of unemployment insurance
9 February 2017
Insurance companies: results of operations for January-December 2016
9 January 2017
Belarus introduces five-day visa-free regime for citizens of 80 countries
16 November 2016
Republican program of the development of the insurance business 2016-2020 was approved by the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated 15th November, 2006 No. 922. Republican program determines main insurance sectoral strategies in Belarus amid the growing economic integration and creation of the overall financial market under Eurasian Economic Union.
04 November 2016
RUE “Belarusian National Reinsurance Organization” celebrates its Anniversary
3 October 2016
Unemployment Insurance Scheme in Belarus in 2017
23 September 2016
Ministry of Finance on Insurance Market Liberalization
30 August 2016
The order of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus No. 250 of 30th August, 2016 confirmed the staff of the Insurance Board.
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